Sep 08 , 2023

7 Spicy Indian Street Food Snacks for Tea Lovers a must try

By True Scoop

Vada Pav: A popular Mumbai street food with a spicy fried potato patty in a bun.

Pav Bhaji: A spicy mashed vegetable curry served with buttered buns.

Aloo Tikki: Crispy potato patties topped with chutneys and spices.

Kathi Rolls: Spiced fillings like paneer, chicken, or egg wrapped in paratha.

Bhel Puri: A delightful mix of puffed rice, chutneys, and veggies with a spicy kick.

Pani Puri: Hollow crispy balls filled with spicy potato mixture and tamarind water.

Satisfy your cravings with 7 spicy Indian street food snacks, perfect for tea lovers seeking flavorful, popular treats.