Sridevi’s Enchanting Silver Screen Magic: Top Ten Movies that Captivated Audiences with Boney Kapoor

“Judaai” (1997): A compelling drama that showcased Sridevi’s ability to portray complex emotions, leaving the audience captivated.

“Chandni” (1989): An eternal romance that etched Sridevi’s grace and charm into the hearts of generations.

“Lamhe” (1991): A daring love story where Sridevi’s dual roles highlighted her versatility and captivated viewers.

“Pukar” (2000): Sridevi’s enigmatic presence added a touch of mystery to the narrative, leaving a lasting impression.

“Mom” (2017): A gripping thriller where Sridevi’s powerful performance held audiences spellbound from start to finish.

“English Vinglish” (2012): Sridevi’s heartwarming comeback, a film that resonated with audiences on an emotional level.

“Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja” (1993): Despite its challenges, Sridevi’s magic shone through, captivating audiences.

“Laadla” (1994): Sridevi’s vivacious portrayal added charisma to the film, captivating viewers with her energy.

“Heer Ranjha” (1992): Sridevi’s ethereal beauty and emotive performance brought the timeless tale to life.

“Kshana Kshanam” (1991): A Telugu thriller that showcased Sridevi’s versatility, leaving the audience mesmerized.