Steps we can take to check the further depletion of AQI


Public Transport

As winter sets in the threat of the depleting AQI owing to multiple factors also loom over us, however, there are a few basic factors we can take up to mitigate the effect of a hazardous atmosphere ahead.

No to Plastic Bags

Avoid using plastic bags instead take up the practice of bringing reusable bags into use to ensure you are not releasing any non-degradable elements into the environment.

Avoid Chemical enabled substances

Refrain from the usage of elements that carries harmful elements and are not certified by the government, such elements release toxic elements which stand conducive to prevailing poor weather.

Filtered Chimneys

Make sure you install a filtered chimney in your home and at the place where you are releasing elements directly into the air.

Fans over ACs

Fans are a must over ACs that release CFCs which not just worsens the quality of air moreover depletes the Ozone of our atmosphere.

Minimize the Forest Fire

At the local level, as much as possible we need to ensure that we limit the extent or put an entire cap over the fire in the region that degrades the air quality and decreases plantation.


Plant as much as possible in the region and in the places where we feel holds the prospect of turning into a forest in the days to come.

Using Public Transport

Usage of public transportation is a must over any excessive usage of personal vehicles. Do not engage your vehicle while commuting until extremely essential.

Ride Cycle to Work

Drive Cycle, spread the importance of health and the concern of depleting air in the season ahead. To work for the collective good of society.