Sep 10 , 2023

Strider Cycles by Tata International Launches India’s First Magnesium-Frame Bicycle: Contino Galactic 27.5T

By True Scoop

Off-Roading Excellence: The lightweight yet robust magnesium frame is an ideal choice for off-road adventures, offering superior shock absorption and enhancing overall riding comfort.

Color Variations: Consumers have the choice between two eye-catching color options: military green and gray, allowing for personal style preferences.

Nationwide Availability: The Contino Galactic 27.5T is available at Strider Cycle retail stores throughout the country. Customers can also conveniently purchase it from Strider Cycle’s official website and Amazon’s popular e-commerce platform.

Affordability and Accessibility: Priced at an attractive INR 27,896, this bicycle aims to make the benefits of magnesium frames accessible to a wide range of cycling enthusiasts across India.

Cutting-Edge Innovation: Strider Cycles, a subsidiary of Tata International, introduces the groundbreaking Contino Galactic 27.5T, hailed as India’s inaugural bicycle featuring a magnesium frame.

Revolutionizing Cycling: Tata International Unveils India's Pioneering Magnesium-Frame Bicycle - The Contino Galactic 27.5T