How much G20 Summit 2023 cost the Government of India?

Delhi is in high gear, overhauling everything from its infrastructure to acquiring bulletproof vehicles to match the standards set by previous G20 summit hosts like the UK, Singapore, Indonesia, and Germany.

According to reports, the G20 summit is expected to cost around Rs 927.47 crore.

More than 20 departments are engaged in the preparations, with emphasis on key entities like the Public Works Department (PWD) and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

PWD takes the lead with a budget of Rs 448.37 crore, focusing on Airport road and Pragati Maidan enhancements.

MCD requires Rs 249.34 crore, while I and FC and the Department of Tourism seek Rs 73.69 crore and Rs 71.56 crore, respectively, to ensure the event's success.

Not only this, the G20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi is also a critical event from a security point of view and that is why the government of India has leased 20 Audi Bullet Resistant cars for Rs 18 crores.

India is poised to host the inaugural G20 Summit 2023, drawing leaders and delegates from over 25 nations to New Delhi on September 9-10.

Prestigious hotels in the capital are gearing up to accommodate international guests, while Delhi Police conducts traffic rehearsals to ensure smooth proceedings and prevent congestion