Teen-Patti tricks you should follow to win big on Diwali eve


Keep yourself focussed

It’s much more about memorizing and being in the moment while you play, remember which of the top tier cards – A, K, Q are done away with. Only after that, you must look to find other patterns, or else you will lose focus.

Tricks before Amateurs

Since playing cards on Diwali is much family affair and not all you play with are pros, you must hold your calm at the moment and let others enjoy that will sure make them commit mistakes opening room for advantage for you.

Don't keep on reserving weaker cards

You can get nowhere with Teen Patti if for every weak hand you get, you fold. Keeping your risk appetite in mind, bluff when you can with weaker cards even with the smallest of sequences or a single Ace.

Experience Matters

Teen Patti is more about technique than about rules, which makes learning the game a matter of experience. Don’t try to gain this experience by delving into the game with all that you’ve got.

Observe Others

Know that the experience of observation is golden. Learn how professional players win often but also lose big, observe how they evaluate stakes, and start playing without money.

Play Safe

If it’s a money game that you are engaged in, a piece of advice start small. Bet small initially and increase your bets gradually. Getting instigated will let you end up with all that you have earned. Beware of your emotions.

Aim Bigger

Focus on the larger game rather than individual hands so that you can ensure you have enough to fund more opportunities for yourself.

Blind Tricks

Blind is the spice of Teen Patti. It’s a bet you place without seeing your cards. Experienced or rookies have fun with this while you play this Diwali and check your opponents by raising the stakes of the game, be alert and play safe.

Go for sideshows

Make up for sideshows that help when you are confident of having better cards than the person you are asking for a sideshow. however, it is not for those playing blind.