Tesla To Ferrari: AI-generated Auto Rickshaws made by Luxury Car Brands
By True Scoop

The AI imagined a black yet stylish Auto Rickshaw in black made by Audi.

The Auto Rickshaw of BMW came with a massive yet 'eye shaped' headlight.

The Ferrari Auto Rickshaw was more focused on its classic red colour and the artisitic paintings.

The Tesla rickshaw was much more similar to its electric vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz auto rickshaw focused more on steel body, complimenting on its logo.

The Porche auto-rickshaw turned the Indian Tuk Tuk into a high tech vehicle.

Volvo gave a royal look to the Indian Auto Rickshaw in the AI generated picture.

The Land Rover rickshaw looked much more similar to its typical powerful SUVs.

Bugatti rickshaw also seemed stylish as imagined by AI.

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