Dhanteras 2022: Things that you should not buy on this auspicious day


Dhanteras that marks the beginning of Diwali festivities will be observed on October 23.

People buy a lot of things like gold, steel, silver, etc on this day. Here is a list of things that are considered inauspicious if bought on Dhanteras.

Purchasing sharp objects like scissors, knives, and pins is believed to bring bad luck to the house

Buying iron-made things is not a good choice. It is believed that the lord of wealth does not bless the house that purchases iron-made things on Dhanteras

Aluminium and plastic products’ shopping during Dhanteras should be avoided as well.

According to astrologers buying black colored clothes should not be done on Dhanteras as it is symbolic of bad luck

Buying items made of glass are also considered inauspicious during Dhanteras

There is a customary practice of not buying oil and ghee on this day.