May 25 , 2023

Top 9 biggest upsets in the FIFA World Cup history

By True Scoop

Germany was looking to defend their world title in USA '94, in their first appearance as a unified nation however, their last 8 encounters against Bulgaria crushed their hopes with a 2-1 defeat.

The Irish side’s redemption against Italy from the 1990 WC came in 1994 in the USA when they went on to stun them 1-0 with Jack Charlton emerging as the hero for his side.

Paolo Rossi turned in one of the greatest individual World Cup performances, with a ruthless hat trick for Italy to dump the mighty Samba Boys (Brazil) 3-2 in the 1982 WC in Spain.

En route to their 2010 World Cup triumph, the Spanish side suffered a humiliating defeat against the underdog Swiss side 1-0 in South Africa.

The latest on the list, was where Messi-led World Cup favorites Argentina suffered a humiliating defeat against Saudi Arabia 2-1 in Qatar in their World Cup opener.

Pak Doo Ik's name remains the most famous in North Korean football history after he secured a match-winning goal taking his side to the knockout stage thrashing two-time world champions Italy 1-0.

Defending champions Argentina arrived at Italia '90 looking to win a third title in 12 years-led through their greatest man then Diego Maradona they lost to the low-ranked Cameroon 1-0 in the group stage.

The defending champions France suffered a major blow to their challenge of a title defense in 2002 and were stunned by Senegal’s side 1-0 which played a huge part in their failure to qualify further.

Top 9 biggest upsets in the FIFA World Cup history