Top 10 Bihari Sweets to Taste During Chhath Pooja

Thekua: Sun-shaped sweet treats made with wheat flour, jaggery, and coconut, symbolizing the Chhath festival.

Kalaadi: Spiced, dense mawa cake, often flavored with cardamom, making it a festive and indulgent delight.

Tilkut: Specially prepared sesame seed and jaggery laddoos, offering a sweet and nutty flavor during Chhath.

Anarsa: Rice flour and jaggery fritters, fried to golden perfection, creating a unique and delicious festive treat.

Gud Kheer: Rice pudding sweetened with jaggery, offering a warm and comforting dessert for Chhath celebrations.

Lai: Crispy, layered sweets made with refined flour, ghee, and sugar, presenting a delightful texture.

Khaja: Flaky, deep-fried pastry layers soaked in sugar syrup, providing a sweet and crispy Chhath delicacy.

Pua: Fried dumplings made from wheat flour, milk, and jaggery, showcasing a traditional Chhath sweetness.

Balushahi: Glazed, deep-fried dough balls, soaked in sugar syrup, presenting a rich and sugary Chhath treat.

Sattu Paratha: Stuffed flatbread filled with roasted gram flour (sattu) and jaggery, offering a unique and wholesome taste.

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