Mar 27 , 2024

Top 10 cities of the world with most billionaires

By True Scoop

New York: New York in the US has the most billionaires- 119 as per Hurun Research's 2024 Global Rich List.

London: London is at number 2 with 97 billionaires.

Mumbai: Mumbai hosts 92 billionaires as per Hurun Research's 2024 Global Rich List.

Beijing: China's Beijing is at number 4 with 91 billionaires.

Sanghai: China's Sanghai is at number 5 with a total of 87 billionaires.

Shenzen: Shenzen in China is the residence of 84 billionaires.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong is at number 7 as it is a home of a total of 65 billionaires.

Moscow: Russia's capital Moscow is at number 8 with 59 billionaires.

New Delhi: India's capital New Delhi broke into the top 10 for the first time with 57 billionaires.

San Francisco: San Francisco in the USA is the home of 52 billionaires.

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