Nov 10 , 2023

Top 10 Healthy Sugar-Free Sweets for Diwali: Delicious Recipes

By True Scoop

Almond Date Balls: Blend almonds and dates for a naturally sweet treat.

Coconut Ladoo: Mix coconut, nuts, and jaggery for a guilt-free delight.

Sugar-Free Kheer: Prepare kheer with stevia or honey for sweetness.

Whole Wheat Halwa: Use wheat flour, ghee, and nuts for a wholesome dessert.

Ragi Ladoo: Combine ragi flour, nuts, and a touch of jaggery.

Paneer Burfi: Make burfi using paneer, nuts, and sugar substitutes.

Date Nut Bars: Blend dates, nuts, and seeds for energy-packed bars.

Sugar-Free Gulab Jamun: Opt for a sugar-free syrup with khoya and paneer.

Besan Ladoo: Roasted gram flour, ghee, and nuts make delightful ladoos.

Fig and Walnut Bites: Mix figs, walnuts, and a hint of cinnamon for a tasty treat.

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