Mar 29 , 2024

Top 10 largest religions in the world

By True Scoop

Christianity: The largest religion in the world is christianity. More than 32% of the world population is Christian.

Islam: It is the second largest religion in the world. There are 1.91 billion muslims in the world.

Hinduism: It is the 3rd largest religion in the world. It has 1.16 billion followers globally.

Buddhism: Although Lord Buddha came from India but China has the most buddhists. There are 507 buddhists in the world.

Local Chinese religion: This religion is followed by the ‘Han’ tribe. It has 384 million followers.

Shinto: This religion developed in Japan in the 8th century AD. There are 104 million followers globally.

Sikhism: This religion first appeared in Punjab, India. Sikhism has 30 million followers globally.

Judaism: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob pioneered this religion in 8th century BC in the middle east. There are 14 million Jews.

Taoism: It is the 9th largest religion in the world. There are 12 million followers.

Muism: It is Korea’s local religion which is also called ‘Shamanism’. It has 10 million followers.

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