May 06 , 2024

Top 9 Lost Cities Of Punjab

By True Scoop

Harappa: It was mainly an urban city sustained by surplus agricultural production and commerce

Aror: The city was totally destroyed by a powerful earthquake in 962 AD

Chhab: It was located in along the banks of Sindh River in the Jand Tehsil

Gandhara: t was conquered by the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BC

Taxila: It is the home of Kukhrain Khatri - the tribes of Kushrain or Kushan Khatris

Wahika: The town of Wah is located between Hassan Adbal and Taxila

Bahlika: Puranic evidence locates Bahlikas in Uttarapatha or North

Madra: The Madra Kingdom's capital is located as the plains between rivers Ravi and Chenab

Kaikeya: The land now comprised by three districts of Jhelum, Shahpur and Gujarat

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