Top 10 Podcasts Teens Love: Listen and Learn
By True Scoop

“Stuff You Should Know” : Explore fascinating topics in an engaging and informative way.

“TED Talks Daily” : Hear inspiring talks from experts across various fields.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” : Dive into long-form discussions with a wide range of guests.

“How I Built This” : Discover the stories behind successful businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Serial” : Immerse yourself in gripping true crime stories and investigations.

“The Daily” by The New York Times : Stay informed with daily news stories explained in depth.

“Science Vs” : Explore scientific topics with a mix of humor and critical analysis.

“Radiolab” : Experience thought-provoking stories and scientific explorations.

“Freakonomics Radio” : Uncover the hidden side of economics and human behavior.

“The TryPod” by The Try Guys : Join the Try Guys for entertaining discussions and challenges.

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