Top Records Made by Singer Sidhu Moosewala


Moosetape became the longest-running and biggest album in the Punjabi Industry. The album was a 23-track blast

Sidhu Moosewala is the first Punjabi as well as first Indian to have ever performed at the UK Wireless with Mist and Steel Banglez.

Slain Singer’s Moosetape was only Punjabi album in year 2021 among the 5 most streamed albums in the country crossing 150 million total streams on Spotify

23-track album Moosetape by Sidhu Moosewala was the 2nd most streamed album on Apple Music India. Sidhu also became the 8th most streamed artist of the year

Sidhu Moosewala’s ‘295’ became one of the biggest tracks of his career and climbed to the top of ‘Top 100 Youtube Songs’ charts in Canada

Singer Sidhu Moosewala is first ever Indian to be featured as the cover of Spotify’s Global X playlist

Sidhu Moosewala crossed the 500 Million streams mark on Spotify this year with albums PBX1, Snitches Get Stitches and Moosetape

Sidhu Moosewala reached prestigious Billboard charts and had as many as 5 songs up there