5 hit movies of Bollywood that were rejected by superstar Govinda


Govinda is one the most bankable stars in Bollywood who has given major blockbusters during his time

But there have been some of the top hit movies whose first choice was Govinda, but he rejected those movies due to many reasons

Chandani: He rejected it because in the screenplay the character is shown wheelchair-bound at one point and Govinda did want to play a physically challenged man

Taal: Despite liking his role and the script, Govinda revealed that he refused the film because of its title

Gadar: Govinda stated that the narrative featured a lot of abuses and he wasn’t keen on doing a political and controversial film

Devdas: He was offered the role of chunni babu but refused the role because he didn’t want to do a supporting role since, he was a superstar at that time

Avatar: The reason might sound silly but the actor refused the film because he didn’t want to paint himself blue