Top Searched Indian Cricketers: 2023 World Cup
By True Scoop

Virat Kohli (46%): Dominated recent searches, showcasing his enduring popularity and talent.

Rohit Sharma (22%): Second most searched, admired for his exceptional batting skills and captaincy.

MS Dhoni (9%): Despite retirement, Dhoni’s charisma and legacy continue to captivate fans.

KL Rahul (7%): Known for consistent performances, Rahul secured a notable percentage of searches.

Hardik Pandya (7%): All-rounder Pandya drew attention with his dynamic cricket abilities.

Jasprit Bumrah (5%): Renowned for his lethal bowling, Bumrah garnered significant online interest.

Ravindra Jadeja (4%): Multi-talented Jadeja, with 4% searches, showcased his diverse cricketing skills, contributing to the buzz.

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