Jun 12 , 2024

Top 9 Upcoming Features in iOS 18

By True Scoop

Enhanced Privacy Controls: Improved privacy settings for better user data protection and control over permissions.

Advanced AI Integration: Smarter AI for personalized suggestions, smarter Siri, and enhanced user experience.

Customizable Home Screen Widgets: More options to personalize and customize home screen widgets for better organization.

Health Monitoring Enhancements: New health metrics and integration with medical devices for comprehensive health tracking.

Improved Battery Management: Enhanced battery optimization features to prolong battery life and efficiency.

Augmented Reality Features: Advanced AR capabilities for immersive experiences in apps and games.

Multitasking Improvements: Better multitasking features for increased productivity and smoother app transitions.

Cross-Device Syncing: Seamless syncing and continuity between iPhone, iPad, and Mac for a unified experience.

Enhanced Messaging: New messaging features, including better group chat management and interactive message effects.

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