8 Types of Foods Diabetic Patients Should Avoid
By True Scoop

Sugary Sweets: Limit intake of candies, cakes, and sugary desserts to manage blood sugar levels effectively.

Processed Carbs: Avoid refined grains and processed carbohydrates, as they can lead to rapid blood sugar spikes.

Sweetened Beverages: Cut down on sugary drinks, as they contribute to increased sugar levels and weight gain.

Fried Foods: Minimize fried and oily snacks, as they can lead to unhealthy weight gain and inflammation.

High-Fat Dairy: Choose low-fat dairy options to reduce saturated fat intake and support heart health.

Processed Meats: Limit processed meats, as they may contain additives and contribute to higher cholesterol levels.

Excessive Alcohol: Moderation is key; excessive alcohol consumption can affect blood sugar levels and overall health negatively.

Hidden Sugar Foods: Be wary of hidden sugars in condiments, sauces, and processed foods; read labels carefully for awareness.

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