Unknown harmful effects of alcohol on your body



Although the scientific study of hangovers is still on, however, one thing that we know about the ‘congeners’ contained in alcohol can make your hangover worse.


For one struggling with Asthma, alcoholic drinks can turn out to be worse for them due to the alcohol’s sulphuric content. One must be well aware of its repercussion before going high with drinks.

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Alcohol deteriorates your sleep and even gives you nightmares, it disrupts your sleep cycle and can interfere with your REM sleep, without you even getting an idea of what it may lead to.


As your body gets alcohol out of your system, your blood sugar levels drop, which actually stresses your brain out. This can lead to feelings of anxiousness and worry.

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One of the least-known facts about alcohol is that after hitting your stomach, alcohol absorbs straight into your bloodstream instead of digesting it, depending on your weight, body type, and food intake.

Stomach Pain

Inflammation of your stomach is yet another factor that can be triggered by Alcohol, which makes out stomach release acid and causes a condition called gastritis.

Shivering from Cold

It is a myth about alcohol is the best method to make you feel warmer, instead, it depletes the overall core temperature of your body and leads to a poor health scenario in the long run.

Junk Food

Alcohol is also responsible for increasing your craving for junk foods and triggering a poor eating habit, which ultimately lowers the overall health of those who are regular consumers of alcohol.

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Next time when you think of partying think of these points, it will help you not resort to over-drinking and can work out well for you on these fronts.