8 most unsafe places near Nagaland one must not visit

Mon District: Mon District has experienced insurgency-related conflicts, and certain areas may not be safe for tourists.

Zunheboto District: This district has seen some ethnic tensions and security issues, so travelers should exercise caution.

Tuensang District: While it offers natural beauty, Tuensang has had security concerns, so it’s essential to stay informed about the local situation.

Peren District: Certain areas in Peren District have faced security issues related to inter-tribal conflicts, so visitors should be vigilant.

Longleng District: Longleng, like other districts, has seen occasional security concerns, and it’s advisable to stay updated on the current situation.

Kiphire District: This district may have limited infrastructure and transportation challenges, so plan accordingly if visiting remote areas.

Border Areas: Be cautious when traveling close to the Nagaland-Myanmar border, as some regions may have security issues.

Changlang District (Arunachal Pradesh): While not in Nagaland, some parts of Changlang District, which borders Nagaland, have experienced security issues, so travelers should exercise caution.