Virat Kohli's 9 tattoos and their meaning

God's eye tattoo is on Virat Kohli's left shoulder. Kohli once called it 'all-seeing eye. That everything that’s happening is being watched and there’s someone always keeping a count.

Japanese Samurai Tattoo is on Virat Kohli's upper left arm. It signifies loyalty, self-discipline, ethical behaviour.

On Virat Kohli's left arm is the tattoo of his ODI cap number, 175. Kohli is undoubtedly among the greatest ODI players of all time.

‘269’ Tattoo' is the Test cap number on his left arm. Kohli made his Test debut in June 2011, against the West Indies at Kingston.

On Kohli's upper left arm is his mother's name - Saroj. Saroj is the name of Virat Kohli's mother.

Virat's late father's name, Prem, is also inscribed on his left hand. Kohli lost his father, who worked as a criminal lawyer, in 2006.

On his left arm, there is also a tattoo of Lord Shiva. It depicts Lord Shiva meditating on Mount Kailash. Kohli is a worshipper of Lord Shiva.

The image of a monastery is inscribed on the left side of his shoulder, just beside the tattoo of Lord Shiva. It signifies Virat Kohli's yearning for peace and power.

Virat Kohli's zodiac sign is written on his upper right arm. He was born on November 5, 1988.