10 ways to make money from Instagram


Partner with a brand

A great way of making some money on Instagram is through Instagram’s creator marketplace and becoming an influencer

Partner with a brand

With this, you will be compensated with either gifts or money in exchange for creating and posting content related to a brand or business.

Partner with a brand

To become an influencer you will need at least 1,000 followers on Instagram and you will typically get paid per post

Partner with a brand

Nano influencers – those with 1K to 10K followers – earn between Rs 940.46 to 9,404 per post, while mid-tier influencers – those with 50K to 500,000 followers – earn around Rs 47,022 to 4,70,228.90 per post

Open an Instagram shop

Selling items on Instagram is a great way of reaching a broad market of customers. If you already have a business, Instagram is a great way to grow it by promoting items from your shop.

Instagram Live Badges

Instagram Live Badges- With this feature, users making live videos can earn money while you are creating content by being sent what is essentially a tip from your viewers

Sell your art

Sell your art- If you already have a portfolio of work in terms of art, Instagram can be a great way to share it and attract more potential clients.