May 28 , 2024

10 Weird Maggi Dishes You Didn’t Know Exist

By True Scoop

Oreo Maggi: Blend of Maggi noodles and Oreo cookies, offers a mix of contrasting textures and flavors

Maggi Golgappa: Maggi Golgappa surprises with its blend of crispy shell and savory Maggi filling

Maggi Pizza: Use Maggi as the crust by cooking then top it with sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings

Maggi Kheer: This dish offers a unique twist to the traditional Kheer recipe, sans the noodle spice mix

Maggi Bhel: Crushed Maggi in a tablespoon of oil then add chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, chopped chilis

Maggi Milkshake: This creamy concoction challenges taste buds with its sweet-savory contrast

Maggi Pakora: Maggi-coated balls filled with mashed potato, veggies, and gooey melting cheese

Bharwa Mirch Maggi: This dish offers an unexpected twist to the traditional stuffed chili peppers

Maggi Spring Roll: Use Maggi as the filling for spring rolls along with vegetables. Wrap and fry until crispy

Maggi Tacos: Maggi as the filling for tacos, mixed with taco seasoning, vegetables, and a protein of your choice

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