What is Western Disturbance?
By True Scoop

Western Disturbance causes rain and snowfall in Northeast India, but what actually is the phenomenon?

The winds from the Sea: During the winter season, Western Disturbance brings cold winds from the Mediterranean Sea due to a low-pressure area over the water.

Travels west to east: From there they move from west to east, stopping to cause snowfall and rain due to the height of the Himalayas.

The swirling cyclone winds: An anticyclonic circulation of winds is formed which changes the wind direction from west to East, causing temp. increase in plains.

A chilling and dramatic exit: The disturbance stops changing the wind direction from east to west, chilling the plains again.

In simple terms, Western Disturbance is a storm that occurs during the winter season in the northern areas of the Indian subcontinent.

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