Apr 16 , 2024

Which Gemstone To Wear As Per Zodiac Sign

By True Scoop

Aquarius-Garnet: This gem is good for Aquarians because it helps them with relationships and feelings

Pisces-Amethyst: It is like a comforting friend who helps them stay calm and balanced even in tough times

Aries-Bloodstone or Diamond: This stone gives confidence to Aries who are a bit of insecure people

Taurus-Ruby: It brings trust, honesty, and purity in their life

Gemini-Agate: It keeps them away from getting stressed and helps them decide what to do

Cancer-Emerald: It lets them enjoy deeper feelings and more meaningful events

Leo-Onyx: It helps them reach their goals and bring good things into their lives

Virgo-Carnelian: It helps them stay focused and determined

Libra-Peridot: It helps Libras stay balanced when they're with other people

Scorpio-Emerald: It boosts Scorpios' confidence and calms their strong feelings

Sagittarius-Topaz: It helps them to stay calm, happy and confident

Capricorn-Ruby: It keeps them energised and brings good things into their lives

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