May 11 , 2024

Who is Abdu Rozik’s Would Be Wife?

By True Scoop

Famous Bigg Boss contestant popularly known as ‘Chota Bhaijaan’ is all set to get married

He will be getting marries to the love of his life on July 7, 2024

Recently, Abdu Rozik posted a picture of him exchanging rings with his fiancé

Abdu Rozik's fiance is an Emirati girl from Sharjah

He posted a video of him talking about how happy he is to get married

He stated, “I cannot wait to start my new journey in life."

Abdu Rozik's marriage will take place at an undisclosed UAE location

Abdu Rozik's wife-to-be-name is Amira

Abdu Rozik's fiance Amira is reportedly 19 years old

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