World’s worst theme park in China that looks haunted
By True Scoop

An amusement park in China has been given the unwanted title of "world's worst theme park".

Tourists were left baffled & haunted thinking China's amusement part is abandoned.

Sat in China's capital of Beijing, the Shijingshan Amusement Park has been dubbed a knock-off Disneyland by tourists for decades.

It is because of the damaged, pound-shop versions of attractions and characters in Shijingshan Park.

Costing just 10 Yuan, the cost of entering China Park is roughly one percent of Disney World's hefty cost.

Pictures online show a murky green pool of water sitting around the Cinderella Castle as the park's main attraction.

Across the park sits slowly decaying statues, from a Popeye needing more spinach to a rocket ship with it's paint job peeling off.

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