Navian Pairhaan: Changing Face of Government Schools in Punjab

Today’s episode of the program highlighted achievements and relentless efforts of the teachers of Govt Schools of Jalandhar along with their contribution in converting their schools into smart schools.

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The latest episode of Naviyan Pairhaan, program on DD Punjabi on Sunday telecasted the transformation and achievements of the government schools of Jalandhar.

At the beginning, the program showed the glimpses of changed view of the government school at village Khusropur in Jalandhar.  Seema Mahajan, head teacher of the primary Wing of the school said that the alumni of the school who are now NRIs have donated Rs 1.5 crore to give a facelift to their school.

She said modified pre-primary classes, smart classrooms, BALA work, beautiful playgrounds, computer labs etc were shown in the program to give an idea to the viewers about the changing scenario of government schools in Punjab.  She stated that both government and NRIs in the region have contributed in changing the face of majority of schools in the district.

The achievements of the English Booster Club, a unique initiative of the Department of Education, were brought to the notice of the audience in the program.

She said that ‘The Navian Pairhaan' program of DD Punjabi aims to inform people about the new face of government schools besides playing an important role to motive them to enroll their kids in government schools.

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Sukhdarshan Singh Chahal and Amardeep Singh Bath, the program coordinators also showed the glimpses of the sports arrangements made for the students in the government schools of the district and how students are being motivated to take part in the sports activities.

Another, Barinder Kaur Principal Government Senior Secondary School, Ladowali said that her school is older than independence and at that time the school was of primary level which now is up to senior secondary level. She said that her school at present is beating out the best private schools in the city in context of building, smart class rooms, furniture, sports and education.

According to the education department spokesperson, continuous efforts are being made to spread the information of rejuvenation of schools to the public. “This program is the brainchild of Education Minister and Education Secretary. Through this program, we aim to highlight the changing face of government schools. The officials and teachers of the education department are personally visiting door to door and other common places to extend the message of state-of-the-art infrastructure of government schools”, he said.

The department is also making efforts to aware society through social and print media. The 15 % increase in enrollment in government schools last year is a result of the transformation of the school structure, he added.