‘1000 CCTV cameras, E-challans, Facial recognition…’: Jalandhar City’s Command & Control enters final stage

Surveillance with 500 cameras has already been started, rule book to be received from the centre this month; Location of police vehicles will also be traced in real-time

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The people of the city of Jalandhar will see big changes in 10 days. The command and control project of smart city has reached the final stage. 1000 CCTV cameras have been installed in the city, out of which 500 are already functional. The rest are also set to start their work this month following which the process of e-challan will start. The rule book for this is yet to be received from the Central Government. Command and Control Center consultant Amit Kumar has said that talks are going on with NIC in this regard. On the other hand, Face Recognition System (FRS) cameras have been installed at the locations of Bhagwan Valmiki Chowk, Babu Jagjivan Ram Chowk, Sutlej Chowk, Railway Station and Bus Stand, which will give a red alert signal on the screen in the control room if a criminal face is seen. The police will become active as soon as the signal is received.


Advanced speed violation, automatic technology cameras will be installed at 13 locations in the city. In this, e-challan will be deducted in case of red light jumps and over-speeding. The challan will be sent to the driver's mobile and e-mail. Air quality sensors will be installed at the Bus Stand, Model Town, Cantonment Railway Station, BMC Chowk and Guru Nanak Mission Chowk.


Advanced technology CCTV cameras have been installed at 13 locations in the city including Ramamandi, PAP Chowk, Paragpur Chungi, Football Chowk, Namdev Chowk, Guru Nanak Mission Chowk, Dr. Ambedkar Chowk, Workshop Chowk. In case of red light jumping, fake number plate and over speeding, e-challan will be deducted directly, and the message and e-mail will be sent to the driver's mobile. If someone commits an incident of chain snatching, the bike and the person will be immediately captured on camera. Sources inform that under the Command and Control Project of Smart City, the work of installing CCTV cameras in the city with the cost of Rs 77.98 crore is going on.


Emergency call boxes have been started at Shivani Park, Jyoti Chowk and Bus Stand, but there is lack of awareness among the people. Therefore, the complaints have not been registered yet through the medium. In case of any untoward incident, if the victim gives information by speaking on the box, then their video will go viral and directly reach the police control room so that the police can directly contact the victim. Along with this, Public addressing system has been installed at 25 locations in the city including BMC Chowk, Phagwara Gate Market, Nakodar Chowk, Patriot Memorial Hall, Manbro Chowk, Liberty Chowk, Model Town Traffic Light, Model Town KFC, Chowpatty Market, Puda Ground, Kamal Palace, Ramamandi. Out of these 16 are already functional.


As per the agreement, the company was to complete the work by December 2022, but the company recieved the approval for software and digging of roads later than expected. Through these cameras, anti-social elements are being monitored at the main intersections, railway stations, bus stands and main roads of the city. SDO Saurabh Sandhu says that the project will be completed by the end of this month.