On Monday, an 11-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital after he was attacked by a Pitbull dog in Tagore Nagar Hanuman Vatika – 2 of the city. The boy received around 32 bites on his head, face, and legs. He cried and screamed, on hearing his screams his mother rushed to save her son. She fought with the dog and saved her son. 

The boy, who was identified as Vishal Meena, lived with his parents in Tagore Nagar Hanuman Vatika – 2 and Vishal’s father works as a guard at the house. The dog, which attacked the boy, belonged to the landlord and as per a Municipal Corporation officer the dog was bought by a relative. 

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Pitbull is considered a vicious animal and the Central Government has banned it in various states of the country. 

Veterinary doctor Arvind Mathur said, “We always discourage people from purchasing ferocious breeds of dogs for their homes. The behavior of these foreign breeds is unpredictable and its constant threat for owners and people living in surrounding.” 

Police have filed a complaint against the owner of the dog and the dog was taken into custody by the animal control branch of the Greater Municipal Corporation. The complaint was registered by the neighbor in Chitrakoot police station. A police official said, “A case has been registered under IPC Section 289 that deals with negligent conduct.”

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In-charge livestock at JMC-Greater, Rajesh Gupta said, “The dog will be kept under observation for two days and as per doctor’s advice we will take our next step.”

The boy was taken to the SMS hospital, where he was given primary treatment. Later he was shifted to the private hospital, where he was admitted to ICU and is undergoing treatment.

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