7 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Book Editor for Your Book

Freelance book editors will be available round the clock to help you identify and solve errors in your book.

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Writing a book is no easy feat, so when it comes time to get it published, it’s important to ensure your manuscript is in top shape. One of the best ways to edit it in the best possible way you can. Most authors choose to self-edit their books, but the best approach is to hire a freelance book editor.

Freelance book editors will be available round the clock to help you identify and solve errors in your book. They can also provide you with valuable suggestions on how to improve your writing style. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should hire an editor or not, here are 7 reasons why you should.

1. They will Help you With Correcting Plot Holes

Plot holes can be a huge problem for authors, and a freelance book editor can be a lifesaver when it comes to closing them. Freelance Book Editors will read your manuscript with a critical eye and help you identify any areas where your plot could use more development or clarification. They’ll also help you brainstorm ways to address those issues, whether it’s through adding additional scenes or restructuring existing ones. By using their help, you can make sure that each plot point is consistent and logical so your readers don’t end up confused or frustrated by inconsistencies.

2. They will Make Sure Your Book has a Consistent Flow

Your readers are looking for a logical structure in your writing, so they can connect with the characters of your story and remember the material for a long time. For many authors, it’s normal to get lost in the flow of the story and break the consistency. That’s where professional editors come in.

They will be able to identify any points where the narrative slows down and correct them accordingly. Plus, they will suggest ways to improve the pacing of your story. In addition, they can spot any continuity errors that may have been overlooked when composing the first draft.

This is especially important if you’re writing a series of books, as they will be able to keep track of any plot points that need to be followed through in subsequent novels. With their help, you will be assured that each chapter or section logically follows from the one before it. This ultimately makes sure your reader is not left confused by any sudden changes in tone or structure.

3. They can Help You with Pacing

Pacing is one of the most important aspects of any book. If a book has a slow pace, readers will become bored and not want to continue. On the other hand, if a book moves too quickly, readers will be overwhelmed and may not understand the plot or characters.

A freelance book editor can help you ensure your book’s pacing is just right. They can look at your manuscript and identify areas where the pacing needs to be adjusted. They can also help you figure out how to adjust the pacing to create a story that flows smoothly and keeps readers engaged.

4. They will Help you Cut Unnecessary Scenes

Sometimes, scenes just don’t make sense at some points in your writing. You may have written something that doesn't further the plot or add anything to your characters and stories. Book editors, especially copy editors, will help you identify these unnecessary scenes and suggest ways to make them more relevant to your story.

They can help you trim the fat and ensure the narrative flows naturally without major hiccups. It's important to take an objective look at your manuscript, and that's where a book editor comes in handy. They will provide you with constructive criticism that will be helpful to polish your book and scenes.

5. They will Make Your Characters Likable

The development of your characters is the key aspect of writing your book. So, make sure they are likable. After all, they’re living inside your head, and it’s easy to forget that your readers won’t be able to get to know them as well as you do. This is where an experienced book editor can help you.

They may recommend ways for you to make your characters more three-dimensional and engaging and can also guide you in finding the right balance between character development and plot advancement, which will make sure your characters remain interesting and sympathetic throughout the book.

Just make sure you hire a reputed and qualified editor who can ensure your readers will fall in love with your characters just as much as you have.

6. They Can Help You Save Time

When you sit down to self-edit your book , it can take so much time to point out small problems in your text. Also, most of the time, you will be likely to ignore these problems. This will make it go back, again and again, to polish your work and make it better with every turn.

One of the key benefits of hiring a freelance book editor is that they will help you save time. Editors have experience and knowledge that enable them to quickly identify problems in your writing and make corrections. This saves you time as you don’t have to spend time searching through your work to find potential issues.

They will streamline the editing process in a way that each draft is more efficient than the last. This will eventually save you from having to make major changes in later drafts, saving you both time and effort.

7. Their Work Gets Your Book Published

Every publishing house needs a specific writing style and genre to get your book published. As a novice author, you might not be aware of such minute details, but a professional editor can help you go through this process smoothly.

Professional editors know the requirements of publishers and can devise a draft that follows these, thereby increasing your chances of getting published. Also, they can help you land a deal with the right publisher who can promote your work to your target audience.