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Kerala man flopped the plan of a thief by knocking down him, the thief was running away with 8 lakh in cash. 

Reportedly the incident took place at the Bania Square Landmark Hotel on April 14. 

Jaffer Parapurath, a 40-years-old man from Kozhikode, was at his uncle's cafeteria in Deira's Bani Yas when he saw a man fleeing with cash. He saw the thief has been chased by a group of men. When the thief reached near him he extended his leg and made the man trip and fall on the road on his face. 

The clip from the video can be seen: 

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Afterward, the followers caught the thief and handed him to the police. The stolen money was returned to the owner. 

Jaffer told the media, "The thief was chased by a group. I wanted to chase him but then I realized that the thief is running fast. Therefore, I extended my foot and he tripped. My brother threw a chair in his way. These two are the reasons why the thief is under the custody of the police." 

Jaffer has lived in UAE for 20 years but because of the COVID-19, he lost his job. He is now back in the country to push his luck as a driver.

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