The Ministry of Defense has made major changes in the army recruitment process. The 'Agneepath Recruitment Scheme' has been launched by the government for army recruitment. On this occasion, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that under this, 'Agniveers' i.e. youth will be recruited into the army for four years. This step has been taken by the government to reduce the average age of the army. He said that at present the age of the army is 32 years, which will be tried to increase to 26 years in the next few years. He said this scheme is a part of the government's efforts toward reducing the expenditure and age profile of the defense forces. In such a situation, let us understand what is this scheme and how will the youth get the opportunity-

* Under the 'Agneepath Recruitment Scheme', the youth will join the army for four years and serve the nation. 
* At the end of four years, about 75 percent of the soldiers will be relieved of duty and will receive assistance from the armed forces for further employment opportunities. 
* Only 20 percent of the jawans will get a chance even after four years. However, this will be possible only when army recruitments have come out at that time.
* The age limit for applicants is from 17 and a half to 21 years.
* Candidates will be enrolled under the respective service act for a service duration of 4 years. 
* Many corporations will also be interested in reserving jobs for trained and disciplined youth who have served the nation. 
* Efforts are being made to prepare the youth profile of the armed forces under the scheme. The youth will be trained with new technologies. 
*  After leaving the job for four years, the youth will be given a service fund package. Which will be Rs 11.71 lakh. 
* This year 46 thousand Agniveers will be recruited under the scheme. 
* They will get non-contributory life insurance of Rs 48 Lakhs.
* Additional ex gratis of Rs 44 lakhs for death attributable to service will also be given.

Know how much you will get your salary
yearmonth wise salarycash in hand
First Year3000021000
second year3300023100
third year3600025580
fourth year4000028000

After four years, the money deducted from the service fund package salary will be deposited in the Agniveer Corps Fund. The amount that will be deducted from Agniveer's salary, the same amount will be deposited by the government in the Agniveer Corps Fund, which will be returned to Agniveer along with interest after completing four years of service. This amount will be around Rs 11.71 lakh, which will be available as a service fund package. The entire amount will be tax-free.

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