Delhi: In the India Pavilion at the G20 Summit, a remarkable fusion of Indian culture and digital innovation awaits. The entrance will be graced by a desi-style anchor engaging in conversations with foreign guests in their own language.

AI Anchor at Mandpam: Delhi is all set for the G20 Summit, set to take place on September 9-10 at the iconic Mandpam in India. This summit promises to be more than just a typical event, as the AI anchor will welcome esteemed guests and provide them with insights into India's rich history and vibrant culture.

Key Highlights:

1. Traditional Welcome in Holobox: The anchor, dressed in traditional Indian attire, will greet foreign dignitaries with a warm "Namaste" as they enter. Using facial recognition technology, she will identify their country and names within 30 seconds.

2. Digital Introduction to Indian Democracy: The AI anchor will introduce the world leaders to the essence of Indian democracy in a concise manner. She will then extend an invitation to explore the Digital India Exhibition in their respective languages.

Utilizing High-End Technology:

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The AI anchor will be placed within a Holobox, making use of advanced voice cloning technology for a realistic touch. She will effortlessly switch between languages, responding in English to English speakers, Hindi to Hindi speakers, and French to French speakers.

Perfect Answers with 'Ask Geeta' Tool:

Adding to the exhibition's allure is 'Ask Geeta,' an AI tool that answers profound questions about life using verses from the sacred Indian scripture, Bhagavad Gita. This electronic tool is equipped with artificial intelligence to provide responses based on specific shlokas (verses) or chapters from the Bhagavad Gita.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has created this digital realm of Digital India at Mandpam, where technology and tradition seamlessly converge, promising an unforgettable experience for G20 Summit attendees.

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