AIIMS Director Dr. Guleria explains when India will get a sigh of relief from Covid-19

It may be noted here that the governments of the states/UTs have taken stern steps to curb the spread

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The second disastrous wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit India hard than before as it has overburdened the healthcare infrastructure of the nation. Frightened with the audacity of havoc this virus can wreak, people are concerned to know when the peak of the infection will arrive in this country, how Covid related deaths can be lessened and when India will get a sigh of relief from this infection. AIIMS Director Dr. Randip Guleria in an interview with a media house has answered all the questions of the public to pacify their enraged thoughts.

When will India witness Covid-19 peak?

Dr. Guleria said, “India is a vast nation therefore, peak time would vary in different parts of the country. In Western India, after witnessing an unprecedented spike in the infection cases now, the cases have dipped there.”

“In Maharashtra, the cases have started to decline gradually. From this, it can be anticipated that the peak time has crossed the state,” he added.

However, Delhi and other neighboring states might have to come across the Covid peak by mid-May.

It may be noted here that the governments of the states/UTs have taken stern steps to curb the spread even during the peak days.

Will there be any third Covid-wave?

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Assessing the nature of the virus, the threat of the third wave of coronavirus is also looming over the nation. However, if this happens, till then a large proportion of the population will be inoculated against the virus which will not make the wave more deadly.

How vaccine shortage could lead to massive inoculation drive?

Serum Institute of India CEO Adar Poonawalla’s statement that vaccine shortage could prevail till July is worrisome. To ramp up the production, SII and Bharat Biotech are setting up new plants and tie-ups are being done with a few companies to inoculation drive can run effectively and efficiently.

He further added, foreign vaccines like Sputnik V and Pfizer has also been approved to use, India can consider its usage as well to speed the vaccination drive.