On Monday, a health expert from AIIMS stated that people should remain careful for the next one to two years and not let the Coronavirus spread more. 

Health expert Dr Neeraj Nischal who is a professor at the AIIMS cautioned as the festive season is coming ahead, adding that the country is still under the impact of the devastating second wave. 

"Idea of festivals is to share happiness, not Covid. For the next 1-2 years, till the pandemic is not under control, we shouldn't become part of the reason for causing the pandemic to explode again," Dr Nischal said. 

To be noted, the warning of the AIIMS doctor comes a day after health experts urged people to maintain Covid appropriate behaviour for the next 125 crucial days to minimise the impact of the virus. 

Recently, the Union Health Ministry too had warned of rejecting the ease of restrictions after hundreds of people were seen flouting at hill stations, markets in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai.

Cautions have been raised at overcrowding public places to religious gatherings, which the experts say can develop as an epicentre if restrictions have not been put in place. 

Citing that the country has not reached a stage of herd immunity, NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul, said that it should not happen through infections either.

According to a doctor from the Fortis group of hospitals the second wave had spread like wildfire in the country because people did not follow Covid appropriate behaviour. 

"It caused a lot of morbidity and mortality," he added. 

The experts have asked people to maintain a social distance of six feet at public places, avoid going to crowded places, mandatory face masks in public places and other Covid appropriate attitudes. 

The positivity rate declined in various parts of the country after strict safety restrictions and lockdowns were imposed. However, it cannot be denied that the country witnessed an unprecedented surge in death toll and caseload during the second wave.

Health experts have indicated the third wave is inevitable and could hit the country between late August and early September. 


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