Akali Leader Bikram Singh accused Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann and Delhi CM Kejriwal of creating a three-day drama in Punjab.

Bikram Singh emphasized that the real truth behind the three day summit has been revealed by AAP’s MLA itself and by some newspapers. In reference to this, he stated, "they shoot the real picture."

The leader of the Akali Dal responded to CM Bhagwant Mann's remarks regarding the state of Punjab's competitiveness with China rather than any other Indian state.

He humorously remarked that the President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping should be alert and said, “CM Bhagwant Mann is here!"

During his speech, Akali leader Bikram Singh expressed surprise that the CM could make such a ridiculous statement. He added, "CM Bhagwant Mann will now address his words are under the influence”.

He also shared statistics on the annual survey of industrial units in the top five states, highlighting that Punjab is currently in the 8th position.

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He stressed that Punjab needs to become one of the top five states in terms of industrial units before talking about competing with China.

Majithia expressed doubts about Punjab maintaining its 8th position in the coming 1.5 to 2 years, as there hasn't been much development observed so far.

Furthermore, he criticized the Mann’s government for wasting money on unnecessary advertisements (Rs. 750 crore every time).

In response to CM Bhagwant Mann's statement about Mohali's world-class infrastructure, Akali Leader Majithia stated that no significant infrastructure development occurred during Mann's governence. He credited Prakash Singh Badal, Sukhbir Singh Badal, and the Akali Dal Government regarding development of Mohali's infrastructure, 4 to 8-line roads and the IT hub.

Majithia urged CM Bhagwant Mann to focus on carefully selecting his words rather than competing with China.

In conclusion, he conveyed his immense hope that Punjab could one day compete with China, but he emphasized that this achievement could only be done through dedication and genuine development, rather than through dishonesty and false promises to the people of Punjab to secure votes.

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