Washington/Kabul: Several civilians, including four US Marine commandos, are reported to have been killed in two consecutive explosions at Kabul airport on Thursday evening. US officials have said that the second blast was aimed at US Army soldiers. The Pentagon said there had been another explosion targeting US troops at or near the Baron Hotel near Kabul airport. There have been many American soldiers and civilian casualties.

US soldiers' death toll 'statistic' not confirmed

The US Defense Ministry has not yet officially confirmed the death toll of American soldiers. The latest press release said that a number of American soldiers were killed in the explosion at Kabul airport. On the other hand, President Joe Biden has warned several times that if American citizens are attacked, he will give an immediate and strong military response.


US Defense Ministry confirmed

US Defense Department Pentagon spokesman John Kirby tweeted: "We can confirm that the explosion at the Abbey Gate was the result of a complex attack that resulted in multiple American and civilian casualties." We can confirm at least one other explosion at or near the Barron Hotel, a short walk from the Abbey Gate. We will continue to update.


Joe Biden enters the situation room


Joe Biden is immediately monitoring every development from the Situation Room after the attack on American soldiers at Kabul Airport. He is accompanied by US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. According to a senior administration official, Biden was in the situation room with his national security team for his daily Afghanistan briefing when the blast was reported.


Biden is keeping a close eye on the incident


A Biden administration official said the president and his top aides remained in the situation room two hours after the incident. Here they are being informed about the ground situation at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. President Biden is being briefed about that as we get inputs.


Biden had given alert of attack 3 times in six days

US President Joe Biden himself had warned of an attack on Kabul airport at least three times. On August 20, he had said that we are also keeping a close watch on any possible terrorist threat in or near the airport. This includes ISIS allies in Afghanistan who have been released after breaking into prisons. On 22 August also he had said that we are on constant vigil to monitor and intercept threats from any source. On August 24, Biden also said that the longer we stay, the greater the risk of an attack by a terrorist group called ISIS.


What will Biden do now?

It is believed that Joe Biden may approve a small military action against the attack on his soldiers. This could also include attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan based on input from the Taliban and other US intelligence agencies. There is also a possibility that the evacuation process from Kabul airport may be put on hold for a few days. Flights can be resumed after the situation becomes normal. Biden's team will also contact the Taliban and can review the situation on the ground.

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