After a majority of US armies withdrew from Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden declared the US military mission in the Taliban captured nation coming to an end on August 31. 

In a speech, Biden said, "We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build." 

Earlier, the US President had said that the US troops would pull back from Afghanistan on September 11. The US troops gave the Bagram airbase to the Afghan security officials last week. 

He added that US support for Afghan people will endure, saying, "The US achieved goals in Afghanistan of degrading Al-Qaeda and preventing more attacks on the United States."

Though he doesn't trust the Taliban, Biden added that he has trust in the capacity of the Afghan military. 

Previously on Thursday, UK PM Boris Johnson had stated that all British battalions assigned to NATO's mission in Afghanistan are returning home.

Britain's chief of the defence staff had said that it is "plausible" that Afghanistan could perish with the presence of international forces.

"If that were to happen, I guess the Taliban would control part of the country. But, of course, they would not control all of the countries," the defence chief stated. 

Taliban's capture of Afghanistan is certain, said President Biden, adding that the Afghan military has a home in the United States. 

After the September 11 terrorist attack in New York and Washington, huge US and British troops were deployed in Afghanistan in 2001. 

Earlier, NATO had announced that its armies will retrieve in coordination with US forces deployed in the nation. 

Biden's statement comes even when the Taliban is making massive headway in the northern areas of Afghanistan. 

The Afghan security forces on Thursday had said that they have imposed heavy casualties on the Taliban during their unlawful attack in Laghman province.

Russian President Putin too had assured the Tajikistan President of support after the Afghan troops gushed into the country as the Taliban made abrupt advancement along with its border areas.

The Taliban on Thursday captured a third Afghan border crossing, this time with Iran and now controls a third of all 421 districts and district centres in Afghanistan. Its capture over the nation is again putting pressure on the provincial cities and abetment of the government’s control of important transportation routes. 

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