Amid surge in covid cases in the district, the Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner, Varinder Kumar Sharma on Sunday extended its existing Covid-19 restrictions until May 23.

The orders issued by DC Varinder Kumar Sharma, reads that Ludhiana would continue having weekday curfew restrictions from 12 pm to 5 am and weekend lockdown from 12 noon on Friday to 5 am on Monday.

Besides, the old guidelines stating what’s allowed and what’s not, which was issued on May 7, will now be followed as it is till May 23, the orders read.

Amidst the curfew hours, no movement of passenger vehicles within the city is allowed. Passenger movement by four Wheeler or motorized two-wheelers during curfew hours is to be allowed in exceptional circumstances with an e-curfew pass. Movement for medical emergencies shall be allowed freely.

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There shall be a complete ban on all social, political, religious, cultural, or sports gatherings and related functions, including government functions, such as inaugurations, foundation stone laying ceremonies.

The Guidelines are as follows: 

1. Daily Curfew will be from Monday to Friday from 12 Noon to 5 AM the next morning. However, on these five days relaxation from daily curfew for all categories of shops, private offices and establishments shall be between 5 am to 12 noon.

2.  Weekend curfew will be from 12 Noon Friday to 5 AM on Monday.

3.  All bars, cinema halls, Gyms, spas, swimming pools, coaching centres, sports complexes to remain closed.

4. All restaurants (including in hotels), Cafes, Coffee shops, fast food outlets, Dhabas, bakery, etc. to remain closed for dine-in. No seating inside all of these to be allowed. Take away and home delivery is possible during curfew relaxation time as given in point no 2 (a) and they shall remain closed during curfew hours.

5. Milk home delivery is allowed on all seven days in the following time period:-

(a) Morning 5 AM to 12 Noon daily.

(b) Evening 5 PM to 9 PM daily.

Milk carrying vehicles will be considered as proof of curfew pass and no separate curfew pass is required by milk vendors selling milk door to door

6. Total exemption in curfew is allowed to following categories full 24 hours on all seven days (24x7):-

(i) During curfew hours labor shall be allowed to move on foot or on cycle with the identity card issued by industry to be considered as curfew pass.

(ii) All Industrialists, managers, employees of industry moving in vehicles during curfew hours shall have to carry the curfew pass issued by GMDIC. Unnecessary movement shall be checked by Police.

Petrol/ Diesel pumps, LPG, Chemist shops, Medical Laboratories, All Scan centres, All Vaccination camps are exempted from the curfew orders. Movement of all products related to agriculture / horticulture / poultry / animal husbandry / meat/ fish / eggs / food grains is allowed. 

All transport for goods movement and other essential work including 
Wheat procurement, Private Security agencies (staff will have to carry identity cards), Banks and ATM's (with 50% staff), All central and state govt. offices (with 50% staff) are allowed. 

Movement by trains or public transport buses is allowed. Passengers will have to carry their bus/train ticket as curfew pass or online e-curfew pass for movement to their destination within the city. 

Construction Labour involved in construction is allowed to move on foot or on bicycle with any valid identity document as a curfew pass. Besides, all ambulances, all Oxygen vehicles and all import/export transport vehicles may easily commute without any restrictions. 

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