Anti-Asian-American racism: Covid-19 inflames attacks on elderly

Outrage ensued after an attack on Asian-American on January 28.

After an 84 year old Thai man was left dead after an attack due to increase in anti-Asian crimes, the celebrities in Hollywood and citizens are demanding justice in San-Francisco area.

Mayor and Police chief of San Francisco have promised to address concerns. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy 'O Malley on Tuesday announced that special response unit will be created to look into the crime against Asian-Americans, especially the elderly.

'O Malley in a news conference in Oakland said, “We will help victims heal from their trauma and help the businesses be strong again, here in Chinatown. We will all be vigilant in protecting the Asian community.”

Outrage ensued after an attack on Asian-American on January 28. Though, such attacks have been prevalent. The January 28 attack video circulated online where an elderly Ratanapakdee was violently shoved to ground during his morning walk in San-Francisco area and he died some days later after the attack.

19 year old Antoine Watson was arrested over attacking Ratanapakdee by the San Francisco police. According to a report published in The Washington Post, Asian-American have been targetted in the country since the pandemic started. Moreover, former US President Donald Trump called Covid-19 as "China-Virus."

With an aim to combat xenophobic acts against Asian-Americans, Joe Biden has signed an executive order, one of his first acts. Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary was quoted by The Washington Post, “I’m not aware if the president had seen any of the videos, but he is concerned about the discrimination, the actions against the Asian American community.”

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