Actor-producer Anushka Sharma on Friday took to her Instagram stories to amplify stand-up comedian Zakir Khan's post talking about celebrity deaths becoming a 'tamasha'. Zakir's post comes at a time when the media has been covering actor Sidharth Shukla's death and giving live updates about the 'Bigg Boss 13' winner's last rites, reporting about his distraught family including writing about and sharing photos of the late star's rumoured girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill. 


Zakir Khan shared the post with the caption “Mann bada waisa sa ho raha hai aaj… .. (I’m not right today …..)”.


The Hindi poem of Zakir, amplified by Anushka Sharma, is roughly interpreted as follows. “They don’t think of you as a human. Not because they have no lines or boundaries. Your corpse isn’t a soulless body, but you have the opportunity to click on a photo. As many as you can click. Burning in riots. It’s like trying to steal tableware from your house. How do you use it after that? Up to 10 photos, 5 news, 3 videos, 2 stories, 1 post. That’s it. “


The poem goes on to say, “So your death is just a show for them. Your crying mother is a show, your broken heart father in deep pain is a show, your depressed sister, your brother who lost everything Hope, the one who loves you is just It is a scene of. It would have been different if you were alive. After you, your crying loved one will quench their thirst. I’m just saying this is you and my life. If you accept this fact while you are alive, you may regret it a little. That’s why you need to stay happy with your friends, love people, learn new things, and build new relationships. For them, live for yourself whenever you leave. For them, you are not even human. “


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Anushka Sharma has shared this post of Zakir on her Instagram story. By the way, apart from Anushka and Zakir, Vishal Dadlani, Gauahar Khan, Zareen Khan, and many other celebs have expressed anger and reacted to some media coverage on Sidharth's death.



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