The all new iPhone 13 is now available for booking and will be delivered to you within a span of 1 week. Although the buyers in India will have to wait a little longer. The new Apple series is said to be made with environmental friendly material including recycled aluminum and water bottles. 

What is different In terms of design?

The all new iPhone 13 has a sleek body with flat-edged design that looks more stylish. The new iPhone 13 is not just better in terms of specifications but the durability of the new device makes it stand out. 

The front screen of the iPhone13 is built with exclusive Ceramic Shield which makes it tougher than any smartphone glass that exists in the present and also comes with IP68 water resistance. 

The new series comes with five new attractive colors including, Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight and Red. The new camera area is re-designed to have a larger display area for the users. 

On the inside, the hardware is completely re-engineered to have a smoother user experience and a bigger battery. Both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have an advanced Super Retina XDR display and provides 28% more brightness. 

The improved OLED display will allow the users to have a better color viewing experience like true black while gaming and photography.

What is A15 Bionic chip?
The new Operating system in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, A15 Bionic chip will enhance the user experience by reducing the command and action time of the device. This will allow users to have a 50% faster user experience than the previous iPhone generation. The 4-core GPU delivers a much better experience while gaming and doing other heavy tasks delivering 30% more results in comparison with its competition.  

How is the new camera different?
The new iPhone 13 features a 12MP wide angle camera with 1.7 micro pixels which capture more light in order to enhance colors and texture. With the 2nd camera of the same MP it claims to be Ultra wide capturing true perspectives.

New cinematic mode
The new cinematic mode allows the user to bring in the factor of depth in the video by shifting the focus from one object to another. This allows the user to introduce more drama and meaning into a shot even if they are not a professional filmmaker. 

This feature can also anticipate when another subject is about to enter the frame and adjusts the focus accordingly. The smart feature changes its focus when the user looks away from the camera and also comes back. 

The new 5G support
The new iPhone 13 will be launching with a 5G network system and bridge the gap between network lag with the help of the powerful in-built antennas.

Battery life of iPhone 13
After all the new features being added to the device which pushes the performance of the iPhone beyond any other smartphone, the big question is about the battery life. 

Besides all these new features, the new iPhone will have a better battery life than compared to the last series of iPhone. Apple claims that the iPhone 13 will have 2.5 hours longer battery backup than iPhone 12. While iPhone 13 mini will have 1.5 hours longer battery backup than compared to iPhone 12 mini.

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iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini price range
With all the additional features and new technology added to the new series, the new iPhone 13 starts at a price of $799 (Rs 58,875) and iPhone mini starts at a price of $699 ( Rs 51,506 ).

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