Are you aware of these 9 early signs of CANCER?

Preventing cancer and recognising early warning signs are the greatest ways to beat it.

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Every hour, seven women die of cervical cancer, 200 people die of oral cancer, and over 87,000 Indian women die of breast cancer each year. In their lifetime, one out of every ten Indians will develop cancer. Despite the fact that these figures depict a bleak image, treatment has evolved advanced in recent years.

On the plus side, almost all malignancies are treatable and cured when identified early. Some cancers develop without showing any signs or symptoms. And it's possible that the signs we think are malignant are actually false alarms. Because the disease has no distinct symptoms, your doctor should be able to steer you in the right direction if you notice anything unusual about the way your body is acting.

Preventing cancer and recognising early warning signs are the greatest ways to beat it. You may stay two steps ahead of the game by being aware of the symptoms. Your treatment may be able to cure your cancer and save your life if found early. As a result, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the signs and symptoms that could indicate cancer.

Thanks to early cancer identification and sophisticated treatments, individuals are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. This may be our new normal, but the cancer is still the same. On the 'Indian Cancer Society' website, you can learn more about Covid-19 and cancer.

Early signs and symptoms of Cancer:

1) Ulcers in the mouth

It's possible that you'll see red or white patches or sores in your mouth if you smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol. It's important to remember that if it doesn't heal in a long time, you should have it checked for oral cancer.

2) Lumps in the body
Although cancer lumps do not always hurt, you should have yourself tested if you find a lump on any part of your body that is growing in size. It's possible that some of these lumps are fluid-filled cysts or noncancerous tumours.

3) Unexplained bleeding
Bleeding for no apparent reason should not be overlooked. It could be cervical or endometrial cancer if you bleed outside of menopause or normal cycles. Breast cancer could be indicated by the discharge of fluids or blood from the nipples.

4) Change in warts and moles
If your moles or warts have grown in size, changed colour, or have jagged and irregular borders, see your doctor.

5) Sore throat, persistent cough or difficulty in swallowing
A chronic cough, sore throat, and difficulty swallowing are all possible lung cancer signs. If you're experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath, consult your doctor right once, especially if you're a smoker.

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6) Change in toilet habits
Constipation, diarrhoea, or blood in the stool are all signs that something is wrong. To get to the bottom of the problem, you'll need a colonoscopy or other tests. Another indicator to watch for is if you have pain while passing urine or if you notice blood in your urine. All of these symptoms could indicate prostate or bladder cancer.

7) Appetite loss
A lack of appetite can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Cancer, on the other hand, can alter your metabolism and the way your body converts food into energy. Other cancers may make you feel constantly stuffed and unable to eat.

8) Extreme fatigue
Any amount of rest will not help you recover from this type of exhaustion. This disease consumes the body's nutrients to develop, resulting in a severe deficiency of the nutrients that keep us healthy. However, because there are a variety of explanations for weariness, it is important to consult your doctor.

9) Unexplained weight loss
If you drop 10 to 20 kilograms in a month without exercising, this could be cause for concern, and you should consult your physician.
If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor right once. These are early warning signals that could suggest cancer, so getting them checked as soon as possible is a good idea.