Dr. Manohar Singh is a well-known figure of the Punjab politics. After his work in the field treating covid-19 patients he took VRS. After that he has made his wishes clear to contest elections from Bassi Pathana. But after the congress party made it clear that one family will get one ticket only and because Navjot Singh Sidhu was not in the favor of him getting a ticket, CM Channi got a ticket and Manohar did not.

His frustration led him to decide to contest elections as an independent candidate from Bassi Pathana. He could join another party has indicated that the party’s intentions are clear to weaken Channi’s support. In a way he has directed his frustration at Navjot Singh Sidhu. 

One can also argue that this time CM Channi’s suggestions were not taken into factor while making the final list of candidates. Be it when Channi wanted to get a ticket for Namisha Mehta from Garshankar, or his efforts to get a ticket for Mohinder Singh KP. He was unsuccessful both the time. Even though they were really close to Channi. 

Most of the MLAs and candidates that got the tickets this time were close to either Sunil Jakhar or Navjot Singh Sidhu. All the old players have been repeated which is counter indicative to what was predicted earlier. Prominent players like Rana Gurjit, Sushil Rinku and Laddi Sherowalia were able to secure a ticket for themselves and for their allys. But CM Channi could not do anything of that sort. The high command has indicated that CM Channi is out of the CM race for the 2022 rule.

As MLAs decide the CM face for any party, if the close allies of Navjot Sidhu win the elections, they all would choose to run the government against him. 

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