Attention! 5 important things that crores of android users must know

In today’s digitalized world smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. In today’s modern world full of advanced technology and advancement in science there is almost every person in this wide world who uses smartphones. Here are some things that every android user must know to avoid difficulties related to their phones.

 This small thing with lots of technology inserted in it has become a very essential part in our lives. We have become dependent on this in one way or the other .Our phones contain all the passwords, documents and importantly our financial details like bank accounts. In this digital world We require smartphones in every field from household work like paying bills, booking gas cylinders to professional work like filling forms, attending sessions ,etc. So it is very important to keep our mobile safe from all the hacking material or any other harmful virus. 

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Here are 5 most important things an android user must know to make his  smartphones safer.
  • Every user must use a lock so that if your phone gets misplaced or gets stolen it will take time to unlock your phone. This gives you time to block all your financial details from your phone and in the meantime you can detect your phone location as well. So secure your phone by applying a lock in the phone.

  • Use only anti-virus software to avoid security related problems in your phone. This will help to check and remove all the unwanted apps from the phone that can cause any damage.

  • Keep your phone updated from time to time. This will help to keep the latest version of android along with the latest version of the apps. This will reduce the risk of any virus from attacking the security of the phone and keep the data safe.

  • Download apps from the trusted sources and not from the sources which are harmful for your device. Keep the settings updated to not download any app from harmful sources. Download gaming apps from trusted sources only as it has the to reduce the risk of getting hacked. If you download apps from untrusted sources it can provide a suitable platform for hackers to hack your phone. 

  • Make sure you disable your phone settings to save passwords. People save passwords to avoid filing it again and again and to make sure if they forget the passwords they don’t have to worry to reset the password, so they save the passwords of the apps they use frequently but don't do this as it gives the hacker an easy access to hack your phone easily. This provides easy access to the hackers of your account.

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