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An engineering student has been detained in connection with the Bulli Bai case, in which Muslim women who spoke out about political and social concerns were put up for sale on the internet. The police have also apprehended a lady from Uttarakhand who is suspected of being the primary culprit in the case, according to news agency ANI.

Vishal Jha was apprehended in Bengaluru by Mumbai Police. He was apprehended and transported to Mumbai yesterday, where he is now being interrogated.

The lady is currently being interrogated as well. The apprehended teen is a co-accused in the case and was in contact with the lady, according to police.

The issue was brought to light on January 1 when many Muslim women were put up for 'auction' on the disgusting app. Their images, many of which had been doctored, have been featured in the GitHub app.

Women of all ages who were outspoken on hot political and social topics were among the targeted. Among individuals listed for 'auction' in the revolting app were prominent journalists, campaigners, and attorneys.

The heinous software looked to be a clone of 'Sulli Deals,' which sparked outrage last year by giving users a'sulli,' a derogatory nickname for Muslim women popularised by right-wing trolls. GitHub hosted it as well.

The app has no relation to Sikhs, according to police, but the accused reportedly made it seem as though it was related to Khalistani organizations.

Several opposition figures, including Rahul Gandhi of the Congress and Priyanka Chaturvedi of the Shiv Sena, have spoken out against the platform, demanding the government to take action and bring those responsible to justice.

The GitHub user behind the software has been disabled, according to IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, and "further action" is being planned. The Mumbai Police Department has filed a report, the Delhi Police Department is investigating, and the Delhi Commission for Women has issued a warning to police officials.

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