RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday while addressing a group of Swayamsevaks in Nagpur at the RSS headquarters spoke on several issues and showed disapproval against OTT platforms, the narcotics trade, and Bitcoin. 

In his Vijayadashmi address, blamed all of them for funding "anti-national activities".

He demanded that such activities be "controlled".
Highlighting the need for a culture that “binds the nation together and promotes love”, Bhagwat said that only “Sanatan Hindu culture” can protect the world from radicalism, terrorism and intolerance that teaches us the ability to accept all. 
Bhagwat was performing a ‘shastra puja’ on the occasion of Dussehra. 
The country’s journey from ‘Swadheehnta to Swatantrata’ will take a long time for completion, he added.

“There are elements in the world for whom India’s progress and its rise to a respected position are detrimental to their vested interests,” he said. 

"There is no control over what is shown on OTT platforms... all kinds of pictures are shown but how to control it? After coronavirus, even children have mobile phones (required when schools were shut during lockdown) ... now they are addicted and who knows what they see on it," he said.

"All kinds of narcotics are coming into the country... people are getting addicted. How to stop this? I don't know... people are scared. And all the money from these businesses, everyone knows where it goes. Money from such businesses is used for anti-national activities by some foreign countries."

Bhagwat’s remarks on drugs have come amid the widespread criticism of the centre and the NCB and how the Mumbai drug case in which Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is accused of procuring and consuming drugs and illegal substances. However, the authorities have found no drugs on him.

Mohan Bhagwat’s speech on the need for population policy 

The RSS chief has called for a renewed population policy which is a controversial topic in the country.
"Population policy should be considered once again, the policy should be made for the next 50 years, and it should be implemented equally, population imbalance has become a problem," he said.

India has a population imbalance problem, he said, urging for a policy that will apply to all communities. “While reimagining the country’s development one predicament comes to the fore which appears to concern many viz. the population. A population policy that applies to all groups is therefore imperative,” he added.

Bhagwat asks for increased military presence in J&K

On the recent attacks in the valley, in his speech, Bhagwat mentioned that terrorists' method of operation was to instil fear by resorting to targeted violence. He also added that near the border areas, the preparedness of the military needs to be increased.

OTT platforms should be regulated

He said that the OTT platforms need stringent regulation and warned, “system without control leads to a crisis of anarchy”. 
“There is a need to work together on all these.”
He added that since a wide variety of content is available on-demand, it is difficult to control what children watch given the easy access to cellphones.
He also pointed towards the increased use of narcotics. “Money from such businesses is used for anti-national activities…All of this should be controlled,” he said. 
On the issue of increased use of narcotics, he said, “Money from such businesses is used for anti-national activities…All of this should be controlled.”

The environment should be nurtured and not conquered 

Bhagwat also emphasised the need to protect the environment and said, “Use of plastic should be minimized as much as possible, the use of single-use plastic should be stopped,”

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